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Forever Worldwide is a streetwear brand located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Forged in Dublin, the brand is the latest addition to city’s growing streetwear/urban scene. Forever Worldwide represents a community of individuals who believe in going beyond borders to share their passion for streetwear, music and art with like minded individuals around the globe. 

Our objective is to provide premium quality and comfortable clothing. Our in-house team is constantly designing new silhouettes to stay at the forefront of new fashion trends. We only sell online and use no retailers. This way we can avoid the huge markups associated with traditional retail.


We have spent countless hours conducting research, in order to find the right supplier that can create high-quality garments that meet our standards. Lastly, every item produced is of limited quantity. This helps us control the manufacturing process so that our products are produced as sustainable as possible.

Forever worldwide encourages individuals to create their own world and fill it with their own experiences. Expand your mind through exploring and creative collaboration but always remember to stay true to yourself.

The world is yours,

Forever Worldwide. 🌎☘️

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